Friday, April 5, 2013

Scam Information:

On 4/5/13, Richland Police received some complaints from citizens advising that someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration had contacted them by phone claiming there was some kind of security problem with their number and that they were the victim of some kind of fraud. The male caller than tried to obtain personal and banking account information from the victims.

The Richland Police Department wanted to remind citizens that these calls are not legitimate. They are from professional thieves who are trying to scam senior citizens. Citizens should never provide banking account information or personal information to someone calling them stating they have been the victim of a fraud. If a citizen believes the person calling to be a legitimate consumer fraud investigator, they should ask for their name and contact information and tell them they will call back. The citizen may then look on line for the company contact information and call back, or they can contact their local police department.

For further information, contact Corporal Erik Lundquist 942-7716