Friday, August 10, 2012

Richland Police Investigate New Burglaries


On August 8th, RPD officers investigated a report of a burglary that occurred the previous night. Officers learned somebody had entered an unlocked residence, located in the 1900 block of Orchard Way and had taken cash and property. The residents were asleep during the incident.

On August 9th, at about 0240 hours, RPD officers responded to a burglary where the homeowner discovered somebody inside of their home. This occurred in the 400 block of Greenbrook Place. The victim had been awake and heard noises inside of their home. When the victim investigated the source of the noise, they observed a male exiting the rear of their residence. The male was last seen fleeing into the golf course. The male was described as being 6'0" with a medium build.

RPD officers searched the area and with the assistance of a KPD K-9 team, they were able to track the suspect to a creek on the golf course property where the officers lost the scent.

On August 10th, at about 0840 hours, RPD Officers responded to a burglary where the homeowner heard somebody inside of their home. This also occurred in the 400 block of Greenbrook Place. Officers were in the area providing extra patrols at the time and were not able to locate the suspect. The suspect was believed to have fled onto the golf course. Several people who were in the area did not see anything suspicious. Officers contacted several people in the area but were not able to identify a suspect.

During this burglary series, it is believed that all of the residences were unlocked and valuables were left in plain view.

The RPD is encouraging residents to secure their residences and to report any suspicious activity immediately. Anybody with information regarding these cases can contact the RPD by calling (509) 628-0333.

Sergeant Darryl Judge

Please contact the on-duty supervisor for further information.