Monday, August 19, 2013

2 Arrested for Richland Vehicle Prowling, Drugs, Possession of Stolen Property

Arrested:  Gaines, Eric R., 23 year of age male, Pasco address
Charges:  Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Stolen Property, Vehicle Prowling

Arrested:  Fisher, Lidiya V., 22 year of age female, Pasco address
Charges:  Possession of Stolen Property, Vehicle Prowling


On 8-17-2013 at approximately 4:20 AM Richland officers were called to a possible vehicle prowl in progress in the 1100 block of Country Ridge Drive.  The caller advised 911 that a male subject had pulled up and went dark near the mail box of 1101 Foxtrot Lane.  The male subject exited his vehicle and walked across the street. The witness observed him in the trunk of a vehicle and watched as he removed a bag and headed back to his car.

Officers contacted Gaines near the trunk of his vehicle.  Fisher was contacted sitting in the passenger seat.

In plain view officers found mail, car stereos, and tools that appeared to have been taken from cars in the area.  One resident positively identified the tools, a set of keys and a laser pointer found on Gaines' person.

Both subjects were arrested for vehicle prowling and possession of stolen property.  The vehicle they were in was impounded so that a warrant could be obtained to search it.  After being taken to the jail, methamphetamine was found in Gaines' wallet.

A search warrant was served on the vehicle.  Additional methamphetamine was found in the car along with stolen CD's and an amplifier.

Both subjects were booked into the  Benton County jail on the above charges.

Contact Capt. Mike Cobb, 509-942-7362 for additional information.