Thursday, March 21, 2013

Richland Police Implement SmartForce™

The Richland Police Department has implemented SmartForce™, a solution designed by Adventos Consulting to help law enforcement agencies reduce risk and maximize department efficiency.  SmartForce™ was developed by Adventos in partnership with the City of Richland to make sure the solution would meet the needs of not only the RPD, but the majority of departments nationwide.

The Richland SmartForce™ project centralized the management of administrative, operations, community, and command staff information workflows and processes at the City of Richland.  Overall, SmartForce™ is a collaboration tool that increases operational awareness at all levels while bridging communications gaps for Richland.  At the Regional level, communication and collaboration will also be possible with members of the Tri-City Auto Theft Network.  Law enforcement personnel from each participating organization will be able to access information on current auto theft patterns, suspects, cases and involvements.

Positive impacts include:

·         Lower operating costs in the department
·         Reduced legal risk from stronger case management
·         More responsive allocation of police resources
·         Reduced cost of collaboration and communication
·         Organized and more efficient document management
·         Up to date and easy to locate information and intelligence sharing
·         Integrated information and analysis, helping maximize tactical and strategic planning

The most innovative element of SmartForce™ is that it responds to a longstanding need in police agencies by building intuitive workflow processing on one of the strongest collaboration platforms available (Microsoft SharePoint).  The results resolve slow, paper-based reporting and monitoring processes with faster and more responsive technology.  This literally makes communities and officers safer.  Because it is Cloud based, there are no server hardware costs and it is less labor intensive to maintain.  Allowing personnel to be more efficient via a technology that is easy to use and operate is a key to success.

About Adventos, LLC

Adventos, LLC is a technology consulting firm that helps public sector organizations successfully navigate technology implementations and leverage the power of the investment through comprehensive IT counsel and training.  Adventos is the Microsoft 2012 U.S. State and Local Government Solutions Partner of the Year.

For additional information contact Capt. Mike Cobb, 509-942-7362