Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 Suspects Arrested in Richland Arson Case

Arrested:  13 year of age male, Richland resident
Charge:  1st Degree Arson, 1st Degree Malicious Mischief

Arrested:  14 year of age male, Richland resident
Charge:  2nd Degree Arson, 1st Degree Malicious Mischief

Arrested:  14 year of age male, Richland resident
Charge:  1st Degree Malicious Mischief


Between November 4 and November 10, 2014 twenty three incidents of Malicious Mischief and four incidents of arson occurred in the south Richland area.  Neighborhoods included the streets of Oahu, Brantingham, Gage, Sheridan, Melissa and Satus. 

The suspects damaged or destroyed a variety of different objects in the impacted neighborhoods.  Items included planters, flags, flower pots, fountains and yard decorations.  Several of the flags were set on fire and destroyed.  Damage estimates exceed $6000.00.

On November 10, at approximately 3:30 AM the subjects set fire to a residence in the 400 block of Melissa by lighting a wreath hanging on the front door.  The fire spread to much of the dwelling causing approximately $100,000.00 in damage.  The home was occupied at the time but the resident was able to escape injury.  As they were leaving the scene, two of the suspects lit some rolled up newspapers and threw them onto the tonneau cover of a truck.  The cover caught fire and was partially melted.  The damage to the item was in excess of $1000.00. 

The juveniles planned most of the incidents while at school.

All three were booked into the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Center on the above charges.

For additional information contact Cpt. Mike Cobb at 942-7362.