Thursday, July 3, 2014

Richland Police Adding Staff for Fireworks Calls

The Richland Police Department will be reassigning 10 officers to work fireworks related calls on July 4.  Problem areas have included large parking lots and the Richland parks system.  Officers will be focusing on education and enforcement of those individuals contacted possessing or discharging illegal fireworks.

Any firework that leaves the ground or shoots projectiles into the air are illegal (mortars and bottle rockets are the most common types that are used illegally).  Fireworks stands in the City of Richland sell varieties that are legal to discharge within the City limits.

The City of Richland slogan “If it flies, it doesn’t fly here” is a good rule of thumb to use when choosing to discharge any type of firework.  The fine for possession or discharge of illegal fireworks is $250.00.

Contact Cpt. Mike Cobb, 942-7362, for additional information.