Friday, May 16, 2014

Arrested: Charron, Rebecca S.  33 Richland Resident


Charges: Aggravated Assault, Firearms Violations


Synopsis: On 5/16/14 at 1339 hours, Richland Police were dispatched to the 7-11 at 2411 George Washington Way for a disturbance involving a firearm. Officers arrived and secured the area. They were able to determine the following: Rebecca Charron was the parent of a juvenile female at the scene. The juvenile female had been involved with a male student from Hanford High School, which she also attended. The two had broken off their relationship, which had led to a series of ongoing problems between them. Charron felt her daughter was being harassed by the male student. On this date, she went to the school and waited in the parking lot. Her daughter left the school grounds without any problems.


Nothing occurred at the school.


Both Charron and her daughter drove past the 7-11 on George Washington Way. Charron observed the juvenile male in the parking lot. She drove into the parking lot and confronted him. She displayed a semi-automatic handgun, while still in the holster, pointed it at the male, and made a comment to the effect of, “Don’t make me use this.” Multiple witnesses confirmed the event and there were several 911 calls made to the police. Charron returned to her vehicle and waited for a police response. She was subsequently taken into custody for Assault 2nd degree and for carrying a loaded firearm onto school grounds without a concealed weapons permit.


No one was hurt during the incident.


For additional information, please contact Corporal Erik Lundquist at 942-7716 or 628-0333 or Captain Michael Cobb at 942-7362