Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Circulation of Fraudulent Emails

Recently there has been a circulation of fraudulent emails suggesting the City of Richland is requesting nominations/selections for an award called the 2013 Best of Richland.  The email suggests that Pet Over Population is a candidate for this award and requests you nominate them for it. 

There is a link to POPP's Facebook page in an effort to suggest legitimacy and another link that is titled, "2013 Best of Richland Awards-Animal Shelter".  Below that a secondary link, in case the first doesn't work is listed and is titled, "http://richland.prokwo.com/sy3nrjq_PET-OVER-POPULATION-PREVENTION "

When you click on the links it takes you to a website that will request money from you.  The Richland Police Department wants all residents to know this is a scam.  It is not affiliated with the City of Richland, or Pet Over Population.  Please do not click on the site link, or process funds as it requests.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact Sgt. Ver Steeg at 509-942-7545.

Posted by Ofc. Rick Kane, Community Services.