Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 Arrested for Trafficking in Stolen Property

Arrested:  Manis, Jaime K; 31 year of age female, Kennewick address
Charges:  Trafficking in Stolen Property, Warrant for DWLS
Arrested:  Crouchet, Richard C; 28 year of age male, Kennewick address
Charge: Trafficking in Stolen Property

On May 6, 2013 the Richland Police Department began an investigation into stolen property being sold at Hastings.  Multiple subjects were coming into the store with hundreds of DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs, many with the same titles, some still sealed in the plastic they were shipped with.

Early in the investigation Manis was identified as a suspect.  On May 24 she and Richard Crouchet came into the Hastings store on George Washington Way with additional movies to sell.  Since January Manis had sold 137 Blu-Ray and DVD movies to Hastings.  Officers were aware that Manis had a warrant out for her arrest and were called to Hastings when she and Crouchet were inside.

Officers arrested both and seized the vehicle they had arrived in.  A search warrant served on the vehicle showed that it contained a large volume of plastic wrappers from DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs that had been removed from Wal-Mart.  Wal-Mart was contacted and video from the store confirmed both subjects had been in the business and engaged in shoplifting discs from and end cap display.

After reviewing the case with the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office a 72 hour hold was authorized to hold both subjects on Trafficking in Stolen Property charges.  Manis was also booked on a warrant for DWLS.

For additional information contact Cpt. Mike Cobb, 942-7362.