Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shooting Investigation - Update 6-7-11

James R. Sams, 33 year old male was taken into custody on 6-5-11 at about 0115hrs after being stopped driving a stolen vehicle in the area of Jadwin and Aaron. An officer stopped the vehicle and Sams exited the driver’s side. Someone inside the car then drove away. The officer did not pursue. Later the stolen car was found in the area of Thayer and Cottonwood unoccupied.

Elizabeth A. McCoy, a 22 year old female, was contacted shortly after and taken into custody after being linked to the crime. The investigation revealed that James Schultz was the person driving from the scene.

As the investigation stands today, several points have come to light which can be shared:

-Investigators have discovered a second handgun that was found inside the suspect vehicle

-Investigators have discovered two spent shell casings inside the suspect vehicle. The shell casings do not match the caliber of ammo that any of the officers were carrying

-A witness has reported seeing James Schultz with a handgun in the vehicle just prior to officers firing their weapons

-A witness has reported hearing a gunshot originating from within the suspect vehicle just prior to officers firing their weapons

This information to date is based on an evolving investigation. Information obtained could always be updated at a later date.

Point of contact is Captain Jeff Taylor, 942-7363